moving from the abstract to application is where systems thinking comes alive, and generates the meaningful insights we need to create change.

here we share our community of practice, method guides and resources we’ve created to support your practice.

'trying and struggling looks like incompetence right up until the moment it looks like success.' ~ shane parrish


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recordings of our systems community of practice


access past recordings from our virtual sessions. 


system thinking method guides


we've created a purpose built tool to help you identify and implement a useful systems method based on your systems learning needs. 


systems thinking resources


  • systems practice poster
  • pocket guide to systems wayfinding
  • systems storytelling report
  • systems change framework


special events to support your practice


time in the system 


how are you in relationship to time?


too often in our system work we perceive time only as the here and now, and yet there are vast dimensions of time that are useful to define and apply in our systems work. broadening our scope on time can help us to:

  • better understand how the system arrived to what it is today
  • allow for different patterns and trends to emerge
  • engage with the system and others in the system differently

join facilitators seanna davidson and anna birney, for this opportunity to reflect, listen and engage with the multiple dimensions of time.

participants are invited to identify a system of interest or piece of work they are engaged in, to reflect on how they consider time. the session will be a mix of small group discussion, self-reflection and short offerings on ways to conceive of time.


this two-hour session is offered in collaboration between the systems school and school of system change as part of the seedling series: short courses supporting changemakers to embrace complexity through discovering the diversity of systemic approaches and practitioners.


  • tuesday sept 26th 

  • 09:00-11:00 BST / 18:00-20:00 AEST


systems thinking community of practice

rich pictures



it's been awhile since we've last gathered in our systems community of practice, so we wanted to bring folks together and share about one of our favorite processes, 'rich pictures'.

one of the things we love about working with systems thinking tools and processes, is that there is always room for layering on and adaptation so they can be used to meet teams and projects where they are at. recently in our work with a wonderful team in women's health services, we design some additional steps for the team to use that would support them to see their diverse perspectives on their system. one of the aims was to not only make these perspectives more visible, but to purposefully recognize and explore these perspectives when in team conversations about their shared system.

in this session we'll introduce and work with the rich picture activity, and then offer these additional process step you may find helpful to apply in some of your work as well.


  • october 11th 9:30am - 1:00am AEDT

  •  free


a virtual retreat: reflective writing practice


systemic reflections

we've been so inspired by louise armstrong's post about reflective writing and sensemaking and the wonderful 33days of systemic reflection with the school for systems change that we wanted to collaborate and bring this beautiful process to australiasia.

have you wanted to engage with a reflection process? are you keen to deepen your awareness and connection to your systems practice? do you enjoy learning with others?

this is a special event to hold space for systemic reflection and is adapted process from the 33days of systemic reflection activity.


in each session participants will be invited to reflect and write independently, guided by 2-3 writing prompts. following this reflection participants will be invited to share in small groups.

each sessions will take a focus from our systems practice framework to guide the reflection prompts. focus areas from the framework include being, doing, knowing, thinking, perceiving, and relating


this series is adapted from 33days, developed at the school of system change as part of their systems change learning offerings.


  • evenings at 7pm AEDT

  • starting monday october 23rd - sunday october 29th

  • the series runs for 7 days straight

  • sessions 1 + 7 are 90mins
  • sessions 2-6 are 60mins
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