our first virtual gathering is on the way!

nourish: a retreat for changemakers

july 29th - july 31 










the call



be easy.

take your time.

you are coming


to yourself. 

– the becoming | wing


~ nayyirah waheed

an invitation to changemakers, system thinkers and co-creators to nourish self and community in a virtual weekend retreat.  we invite you to join as a participant, a supporter, and listener, but most of all, to join as your whole, beautiful self.  

together we will sit in circle to honour our unique skills, contributions and accomplishments, because our work can often go unseen.

we’ll spend time building relationships in connection pods,  and we’ll support each other through emerging challenges in peer coaching circles. we’ll listen to colleagues about the journey of their own practice, in turn, helping to reflect on our own. all, so we might feel part of a field, rather than a solo adventurer.

we’ll nurture our ways of doing and being, by exploring embodied practices, connecting to nature, and engaging with movement and sound.  so we can support and sustain ourselves, and our community  in this work.

event schedule

what folks are saying about the event

I've chosen to join this event as I have a great deal of respect for Seanna, she is incredibly smart and nurturing so I know as I stretch myself and relax, Seanna will hold the space.

Also as an Aboriginal person I feel culturally safe to attend this as I consider Seanna a true ally. She has always challenged herself, sought to learn and genuinely celebrates and respects First Nations' ways of knowing, being and doing. I'm looking forward to all the amazing practitioners that will be supporting us and being part of what I know will be a supportive community! I can't wait!

~ Dana Shen

After two years of experimenting and discovering the hidden delights of working remotely, I'm excited about the evolution of gatherings. In Seanna and Kylie's skilled hands, this retreat will bring forward the best of virtual events. I know it will be a beautifully hosted space and one where I will gain inspiration to level-up my own online hosting practice.

Sure, we now have the ability to connect with people hundreds and even thousands of kilometers away; the ability to step out of the gathering space and into our own home space with ease; the ability to set up our individual participation space in the way that most perfectly suits us to be present with others. What I'm most looking forward to is withing ... being with you as you are with me, over this weekend.

~ Lina Patel

guest practitioners


codes of care

we will take advantage of the opportunity to convene virtually,  to enable participation from far and wide and ensure an event that is affordable.  but we understand all too well the zoom fatigue,  and have crafted an event with spacious breaks, individual offline reflections, field trips to nature and always the opportunity to tap out when you need. our intention is to nourish and support you as a practitioner, and our community as a collective.

our approach is trauma informed and we’ll make every effort to ensure you are supported.  at any point in time you can connect with our therapist co-facilitator Kylie.


because this is a virtual retreat, you can participate from anywhere there is access to nature and strong reliable internet!  you might like to take yourself away for the weekend to a comfortable and quiet space to support your own reflection and rejuvenation.

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